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This page contains details of events and conferences

Future Events

Past Conferences

Apachecon NA 2019: 9th-12th September 2019

Apachecon NA 2018 24-27 September 2018 (Montreal)

Apachecon NA 2017: 16th-18th May 2017

Apachecon EU 2016 : 16th - 18th November 2016

Apachecon NA 2016 : 11th - 13th May 2016 (Vancouver)

ApacheCon Core EU 2015

Apachecon NA 2015

Apachecon EU 2014

ApacheCon US 2009


  1. This document could do with a bit more regarding than the line 'This is a page for pages related to conferences'. E.g. it could say - in general - what conferences have been attended by community members, whereby (optionally) each conference links either to a sub page or the external site.

  2. Please feel free to add any other future events (community, conferences, meetups etc).