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"What aspect of employee focused process do we need to support with Ofbiz HR application?"

  1. Manage employee Cost to Company
  2. Manage employees continues training
  3. Manage company wide skill set pool
  4. Project skill set requirements
  5. Manage employee loyalty program
  6. Manage employee performance and periodic review
  7. Identify and Reward employees who have leadership qualities
  8. Secure employee data
  9. Manage assets checked out by employee for use
  10. Manage Agreements like contracts, NDA etc
  11. Manage time off application work flow
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  1. Unknown User (

    1. Manage Union contracts
      1. Manage Union Genevieve in relation to Employee
    2. Track sick leave and vacation time
      1. show build up and usage
      2. show financial liability to company if paid.
  2. Any progress on this? I would love to see. Tracking staff performance, time attendance, leave record is very important for modern Enterprise who use KPI to reward their staff.

    BTW, I have noticed that I can not take leave from the My leave menu in My portal. There is NO such leave menu function as in HR module which we can take leave from there, and we can not allow employee to access HR module, as it seems like they can access other colleaque data too. ( even I have tried to set the security permission)

    Any idea?


    1. You should better ask on user ML you will get more chances to get an answer

      1. Thank you Jacques, I am moving to ask in usr ML per your suggest.