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OFBiz Jackrabbit Configuration Document

Configuration Files:

The following section will give you a detailed look to the configuration files and explains there usage.

Files life in: /framework/jcr/config


This file is loaded during the OFBiz container start up. It contains information for the concrete JCR implementation. It’s possible to create a separate config file for different containers. OFBiz brings one config file for the regular use and one for the unit tests.

Element and attribute description:

<jcr-context> Define the JCR implementation which will be used.

            name: The name of the JCR implementation which should be used

<jcr> The JCR implementation definition which is referenced by the <jcr-context> element.

            name: The name for this implementation

            class: The implementation of the Factory to start the repository

            jndi-name: Under this path the instance will be registered in JNDI

<home-dir> Defines the home directory of the JCR repository. This is the location where all Repository related data (workspaces, indexes) will be stored.

            path: Path to the repository

<config-file-path> The path to the JCR configuration file, which is needed to start the repository.

            path: File path

<jcr-credentials> The basic access to the for the system to the repository. Is used for creating a system session.

            username: Username

            password: Password


The official Jackrabbit repository configuration file. A detailed description about the elements and attributes can be found here: This file will be loaded during the Repository creation.


This file gives the possibility to add custom node types. It will be loaded on initialization of the repository and only loads types which not exist.

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