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These diagrams were created from the OFBiz data model and seed data. The tools used include the eomodeld export functionality in the OFBiz WebTools webapp, and then the OmniGraffle application to create the diagrams based on those models.

The diagrams attached to this page are all PDF files. There is a table of contents page, and the diagram pages are split into 4 files. These documents are designed to be printed on 11x17" paper (basically two 8.5x11 pages put together).

Special thanks to Hotwax Media for contributing these excellent documents. They were produced by David E. Jones, Laurian Escalante and John Maw.


  1. This is really great, thanks David, Laurian and John, and HWM at large for this contribution!

    I tried to print them on A4 (21x29.7cm) on Windows XP with a HP-Deskjet 990cxi and did not get great results in spite on many tries/settings. I have also tried to use PFCreator to dispatch the pages and PDF Tiler to tiles them (which works great but only on the 1st page). Any ideas, recommendations ?



  2. Hello Jacques,

    I had success printing on LTR in Acrobat by choosing

    • Page Scaling: Tile Large Pages
    • Tile Scale: 96%

    I also want to thank everyone involved for this!

    1. Thanks Aaron, but I'm afraid it's OK with LTR but not A4

  3. These will be celebrating their 5th birthday next month.
    How accurate are they?
    Are the sources used to produce these available? 

  4. Despite being 5 years old, I believe these graphs are still 95% right (grosso modo), there have not been that much changes in the data model since.

    About the sources, it's at HWM to answer...