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Welcome to the OFBiz Technical Documentation Wiki. In this wiki, you will find a wide range of information to help you setup, use or develop OFBiz.

Getting Started

Once you have verified the minimum system requirements, you can download, build and then run your own version of OFBiz. Anyone looking to administer OFBiz will need to read the Apache OFBiz Technical Production Setup Guide.

If you are going to be using OFBiz in other languages or currencies then please take a look at our Internationalization / Localisation Guide

Information for Developers

There are several resources available if you are going to be developing in OFBiz, a Beginners Tutorial, Developer Best Practices Guide, some detailed background information on the Data Model and Framework that OFBiz is built on, and a detailed guide that describes the Entities and also the Service Engine.

We also have some basic diagrams that can help you understand the framework components.

If you are looking for more detail then we have a range of more detailed guide around the Entity Engine (Entity Engine GuideEntity Engine Configuration Guide), Service Engine (Service Engine Guide, Service Engine Configuration Guide)

We also have a section on FAQs, Tips & Tricks and How Tos.

NOTE: May need to split that FAQ page up because it has more tips and tricks and how tos rather than being really question based

Upgrading from a Previous OFBiz Version

If you are upgrading from a previous version of OFBiz then please take a look at the Data Migration Guide which can be used in conjunction with the Apache OFBiz Technical Production Setup Guide.

Technical Guides and Information

Please see below for links to all our technical information and remember if you have any questions then please post a message on our community mailing lists .

Information for installing or setting up OFBiz

Minimum System Requirements

Installation Guide

Setting Up Security This page is about authorisation (i.e. permission to access OFBiz artifacts: services, screen, data, etc.) not authentication (login)

Scaling and Performance

Technical Production Setup Guide

Data Migration Guide

Integrating External Data

Keeping OFBiz secure This page is about security as in "external security". In other words, it's not about authentication nor authorisation.

Background Information on OFBiz

Core Overview

Data Model

Data File Guide

Component and Component Set Dependencies


Service Engine Guide

Service Engine Configuration Guide

Entity Engine Guide

Entity Engine Configuration Guide

Framework Configuration Guide

Mini Language - minilang - simple-method - Reference

Information for Developers

Developer Best Practices Guide

Beginners Tutorial

Using Service Stream Handler

Unified Expression Language (JSR-245) in OFBiz

Control Servlet Guide

JSP Tag Library Guide

Framework Introduction Videos and Diagrams

Miscellaneous / Other

FAQs, Tips & Tricks and How Tos


How to Upgrade the Embedded Tomcat

Run OFBiz under outside Application Servers