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  • From Ant to Gradle - R16.11 version

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If you are new to OFBiz or come from an OFBiz version which uses Ant for building and now want to use a newer version with Gradle, here is the documentation you are looking for.

There is also a newer page for the trunk

Step-by-step guide

  1. Though it's part of the CleanAll Gradle task, you might be interested by the temporary cleanAnt task which cleans old artifacts generated by Ant. This task has been removed from the trunk but is still present in the R16.11 branch hence all R16.11.* releases
  2. If you used to run one of the download-* Ant targets (download-PG-JDBC, download-activemq, download-mySQL-JDBC) those have been removed.
    See  OFBIZ-7793 - Getting issue details... STATUS  if interested in more details
  3. If you use your own custom libs (jar) shared by several of your own components you might put these libs in the lib folder just under the OFBiz root folder.
    You will find a README there with more details. You might also read  OFBIZ-7910 - Getting issue details... STATUS  for history reason.
  4. It's clearly documented in the README.MD and below, but you might be interested to know that the debug port is now the standard 5005 rather than previously the OFBiz specific 8091
  5. If you are interested by all the changes done in the context of the Ant to Gradle migration please check  OFBIZ-7534 - Getting issue details... STATUS .

Gradle documentation

The documentation bloc below is the HTML import of the conversion of README.MD into HTML by Pandoc using this command line locally in root folder

pandoc -s -o

Here is in the repository that you are reading below

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Gradle Plugins that could be used to improve OFBiz code



Better code

Tests coverage