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This is deprecated with last versions, for instance the appserver component has been moved first from framework to specialpurpose and then recently to OFBiz Attic#Appserver


This page describes how to deploy OFBiz on Glassfish Server v2.1. The process is tested on Solaris and Ubuntu and the current (as of July 12th 2009) SVN trunk. The procedure is to setup a free area where the automated scripts create the required WARs and the ofbiz EAR file out of the OFBiz source. Finally the EAR file is copied to autodeploy folder of the specified glassfish domain.

There are two scripts, and The first one deploys OFBiz after loading the seed and demo data automatically into JavaDB database that comes with Glassfish server. The second one, just builds WARs and EAR and deploys to the Glassfish server. You are free to run either of one, depending on ur your need.

  1. Setup
    1. Create a folder somewhere on the disk with ~800MB free memory. This becomes the work area. Referred as <work-folder> hence forth.
    2. Download Glassfish Server v2.1 and install. (Download it from [1])
    3. Download OFBiz source (if you have not done already). (Either download a release or what not from or checkout from SVN. Refer [2])
    4. Build OFBiz sources (in case of svn checkout) using 'ant' command. This will create 'ofbiz.jar' file.
    5. Generate container templates for Glassfish v2.1 server.
      1. Goto the OFBiz source folder (referred as OFBIZ_HOME).
      2. Use the command 'java -jar ofbiz.jar -setup glassfish21' to generate the templates. For more information refer [3]. This will create a new folder called 'setup' inside OFBIZ_HOME and place the generated templates under the folder 'setup/glassfish21'. 

        if (you are using JavaDB && want seed and demo data loaded) {
            Copy OFBIZ_HOME/setup/glassfish21/ to <work-folder>;
            run script now !;
            // (without quotes) './ <glassfish_home> <glassfish-domain-path>'
        } else {
         read ahead;
  1. Install and start the database server if its not done already. For JavaDB, run GLASSFISH_HOME/javadb/bin/startNetworkServer
  2. Create / update entityengine.xml to include your database server details (Refer [4]). If you want to use JavaDB with default settings, you can use the patch entityengine.xml.patch readily available under 'OFBIZ_HOME/setup/glassfish21'.
  3. Load seed and demo data (optional, but highly recommended) by using './ant run-install' command under OFBIZ_HOME. Refer [5].
  4. Copy OFBIZ_HOME/setup/glassfish21/ to <work-folder>.
  5. Run (without quotes) './ <glassfish-home> <glassfish-domain-path>'.
  6. Check domain.xml for XML validation errors. This to make sure the patching happened properly in previous step.
  7. Start/restart glassfish server if its not already running.
  8. If you have opted for loading demo data, goto http://localhost:8080/ecommerce and http://localhost:8080/webtools to verify the installation.

References :

[1] :
[2] : Demo and Test Setup Guide (Building from SVN)
[3] : OFBIZ_HOME/framework/appserver/README (where OFBIZ_HOME is OFBIZ source root on your local disk.
[4] : Apache OFBiz Technical Production Setup Guide (2.c. Database Setup)
[5] : Apache OFBiz Technical Production Setup Guide (2.d. Seed Data Loading)

This works was kindly provided by Vadiraj Deshpande

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