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This wee tutorial explains how to run OFBiz as a Windows Service. It is based on exactly our experience - many other variations probably work but we have never tried them. The same approach could probably be used to run it as a Linux System V service, but I have not tried this (we use a different technique for this).

There is an alternative to this : Using JavaService.exe from


  1. Comfortable with installing and running OFBiz weekly build at the Windows Command Line
  2. JDK 1.5, with JAVA_HOME environment variable set correctly
  3. MySQL 5.0 installed as a Windows Service called 'MySQL' (we recomend at least 5.0.24 as below this there are some nasty instabilities in MySQL)
  4. Read this tutorial


  1. Download the latest stable binary of Java Service Wrapper from here:
  2. Extract it to a temporary dir, for instance JSW
  3. Create a new subdir OFBIZ_HOME/win32   , and copy into it: JSW/lib/wrapper.dll, wrapper.jar
  4. Copy the file JSW/bin/wrapper.exe to OFBIZ_HOME
  5. Download the files attached to this Wiki Post, to OFBIZ_HOME/win32 : InstallOFBiz.bat, UninstallOFBiz.bat, service.conf
  6. Adjust the values in service.conf for,, wrapper.ntservice.displayname, wrapper.ntservice.description according to your environment


  1. Open a command prompt and navigate to the OFBIZ_HOME/win32 directory
  2. Execute InstallOFBiz.bat
  3. If the script executes succesfully, open your Services applet and check that an "Apache Open for Business" service has appeared.  You should be able to stop and start it just like any other windows services.  Just be aware that, even windows says that the service has been started successfully, OFBiz in fact will still be starting up.
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