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OFBiz Contributor Tom Burns passed away on Monday December 3rd, 2012. He contributed some significant documentation to the project including the Webhelp and a complete Human Resources manual. This page has been setup in memory of Tom for the community to share any stories, quotes and experiences that they have had with him.


I will always remember this message

Dear Jacques Le Roux:

I would like to inform you that Thomas Burns has passed away on Monday December 3rd. We are still in shock and are trying to come to grips of the loss my beloved husband. 
If you have any questions please e-mail me back. Thomas enjoyed working along with you. Thank you: Nelly Burns

I had no words to answer, but I tried...

Jacques Le Roux


I never met Tom but I have read through all his comments on all the work he did on the Webhelp (See Jira He seemed amazingly resilient and each time one avenue seemed to close down, he looked for another.

Some of his quotes included:

"I want to give the this dead horse (JavaHelp) one more beating"

"I'm going to give this another shot."

These are comments from someone that keeps going despite the odds to overcome all obstacles.

Sharan Foga




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