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  • OFBiz Presentations @ Apachecon NA 2016 Vancouver

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Two OFBiz related presentations were delivered Apachecon Core NA 2016  in Vancouver, Canada. Summary abstracts of the presentations were as follows:

Abstract Summary: It's OK - Consensus Reached. We've agreed to disagree!

The Apache Way tells us that we need to try and run our projects using consensus as much of possible – but what does it actually mean to the man or woman on the ground? Ask 5 different people what they understand by consensus you will probably get 5 different answers but that doesn't mean that we haven't achieved it.

In this presentation Sharan will talk about about how becoming part of an Apache project has educated her about the role and use of consensus, and that applying it in real life can be a bit more challenging than the theory.

Abstract Summary: OFBiz Configuration Only (Or Look No Code!)

OFBiz is a great tool for development, customising and building applications but you don't have to be a developer to 'customise' it. In a world full of developers, if a software package doesn't do what you want then the first thing that people think about is modifying the code and developing a custom solution. This isn't always necessary and in fact OFBiz has been created with a wide range of configurable parameters that change its functionality without writing code.

In this presentation we will take you though the main levels of configuration available in OFBiz and show you just how much you can do without writing a single line of code.


1Sharan FogaCzech RepublicIt's OK  - Consensus Reached. We've agreed to disagreeCommunityConsensus Reached NA 2016.pdf
2Sharan FogaCzech RepublicOFBiz Configuration Only (Or Look No Code!)GeneralOFBiz - Configuration Only - or Look No Code.pdf