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The OFBiz track at the Apachecon Core EU 2016 event in Seville, Spain spreads across all aspects of OFBiz: business, development and operations and the speakers are from various countries within the European market space. Summary abstracts of the presentations were as follows:

Abstract Summary: OFBiz + Modern UI = Awesomeness

Apache OFBiz is only one of the complete enterprise solution with ERP, CRM, E-commerce and many other modules. OFBiz data model is core and best but sometimes its back-office UI is not that user friendly. Gaurav Saini will give a quick review on how we can utilize OFBiz services and making it REST with Apache WINK and then consuming that with latest material design and angularjs. Also, will demonstrate a sales and order reporting mobile application with graphs and charts visualization using Ionic Framework and Apache Cordova.

Abstract Summary: A Collaborative Approach to UI Testing in Apache OFBiz

ERP applications need more and more modularity, which is one of the major priorities of the Apache OFBiz community. This presentation will explain why user interface modularity and its associated unit testing methods can help create full process flow integration testing that helps enable and maintain application quality.

A key success factor to delivering good automated tests is the need to have various people (e.g. Business Analysts, Developers, Product Owners) all working and collaborating together. This ensures that the application, its tests and also the automated test deployment is as efficient as possible. We will demonstrate, how Selenium-Webdriver UI testing is being used with Apache OFBiz on a current project, and how it helps to automatically provide enough documentation to help Business analyst and to create beginner's tutorial for the application.

Abstract Summary: Introducing OFBiz Plug In Manager for Building an Eco-System

Apache OFBiz is going through revolutionary transformations and recently Gradle was implemented as the new build system. This critical change has opened the door to lots of exciting possibilities and one of these is the ability to introduce a plugin system.

This plugin system could fundamentally change how OFBiz is used and would:

  • Allow third party vendors to easily extend the system with new functionality
  • Give users more control and choice over their OFBiz implementation
  • Unify the method in which OFBiz is extended

The main differentiator is that this plugin management system is actually integrated within OFBiz itself and a key objective is to get the community, developers and third party vendors motivated to start building a plugin eco system around OFBiz.
In this presentation, we will talk about the basic concepts of the plugin system with some on hands demo.

Abstract Summary: Data Extraction: How to Get Your Data Out of Apache OFBiz

Apache OFBiz contains a few different technologies that can be used to help make extracting data from the system easier and simpler. Screen Widgets, Apache Freemarker, BIRT, data files and Apache Groovy are all tools that can be used to help extract the data from OFBiz in the format you want.

In this presentation we go through some different usecases for data extraction and their recommended implementations in Apache OFBiz, following user requirements (volume, complexity, usage etc).

Finally there will also be a demonstration of how to use the existing utilities and tools within OFBiz to enable general data extraction. During the presentation it is hoped that we can start a discussion about potential future ideas and requirements around data extraction that could be introduced as new OFBiz features.

Abstract Summary: DevOps Environment for an OFBiz Agile Project

Apache-OFBiz is a suite of enterprise applications built on a common architecture using common data, logic and process components. This means it can be used as an ERP, CRM, E-Business/E-Commerce, SCM, MRP, MMS/EAM, POS or just as a framework to build applications. Apache OFBiz includes two main tools to build application screens. These tools have been designed to render different kinds of screens and each have their own pros and cons. So when could it be better to use a faster and easier tool over a more complex but flexible one?

In this presentation, we will describe the technology around each of these tools, look at the most common screen types used and see how it is possible to combine them to create a UI standard.


1Taher AlkhateebKuwaitIntroducing OFBiz Plugin ManagerTechnical 
2Julien Nicolas & Nicolas MalinFranceScreen Rendering in Apache OFBiz: Different Ways to Make it Future ProofTechnical / Development
3Gil PortenseigneFranceData Extraction: How to Get Your Data Out of Apache OFBizTechnical / Development
4Olivier HeintzFranceA Collaborative Approach to UI Testing in OFBIzTechnicalApacheEU_2016_Collaboration_in_GUI-Test.pdf
5Gaurav SainiIndiaOFBiz + Modern UI - AwesomenessTechnical
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