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Story of Apache Open Source Project (like OFBiz, for internal use by the project)

Ideas to Incorporate

  • project management (replace Jira -
  • content management (replace Confluence -


Participant: Anyone who participates in the project community (also commonly known as a community member).
User: Anyone who uses the software produced by the project.
Contributor: Anyone who creates and submits changes to the project artifacts.
Committer: Someone who has commit rights to the project Source Repository.
PMC Member: Member of the Project Management Committee.
Source Repository: System actor. System that stores and manages revisions, etc of source code and other project artifacts.


User finds out about project.

User gets projects binary or source. User builds and runs software. Contributor gets source from Source Repository.

User finds problem with software. User submits bug report. Contributor reviews bug report and creates a bug fix Contributor submits bug fix as a patch. Committer reviews bug fix patch. If needed Committer sends feedback and requests changes to bug fix. Committer commits bug fix patch.

User desires new functionality in software. User presents idea in detail (design note: on dev mailing list). Community Member reviews presented idea and offers feedback. Consensus on implementation approach is reached, meaning no one is firmly opposed to the change. If no consensus can be reached a vote is done to decide on appraoch. Contributor creates improvement. Contributor submits improvement as a patch. Committer review improvement patch. If needed Committer sends feedback and requests changes to improvement. Committer commits improvement patch.

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