Here we will try to explain what CAS-PGE is and when a user should consider using it.  


List of questions I (cgoodale) have about the PGE module and how to use it.

  • Do I need to have workflow installed and running to use PGE?
  • What does PGE provide that workflow does not?
  • I think I just drop the cas-pge.jar into the workflow /lib dir....but what other config is needed? (xml files maybe)
  • How does workflow know that we are using pge?
  • Do i need to restart the workflow manager once pge is installed and config'd?

Simple Use Case where PGE is added to Workflow

Advanced Topics

This section will capture some of the more advanced capabilities and use cases of PGE.


Q. How do I add multiple crawler actions to the PGE?

A. The tasks.xml file in the Workflow configuration contains a property called 'PCS_ActionsIds'. To add 1 action, then set the property like so,

<property name="PCS_ActionsIds" value="MyCrawlerActionId"/>
  • Where MyCrawlerActionId is the crawler action ID name that you'd like to run in the PGE.
  • NOTE: make sure you also have a reference to PCS_ActionRepoFile within your tasks.xml PGE entry, which points to your crawler's config file. The crawler must support the action ID you specified.
<property name="PCS_ActionRepoFile" value="file:[YOUR_OODT_HOME]/crawler/policy/crawler-config.xml" envReplace="true"/>

To add multiple crawler actions, do the following:

  • Add a property in the tasks.xml file, where the name can be whatever you want it to be and set your desired crawler actions there. We'll use ActionsIds as the property name,
<property name="ActionsIds" value="MyCrawlerActionId1,MyCrawlerActionId2"/>
  • Note that the specified crawler action IDs must be comma-separated with no spaces in-between.
    • In the PGE configuration file, add a PCS_ActionsIds key under the customMetadata tag and reference the property name that you had just set in the tasks.xml file (ActionsIds in this case),
   <metadata key="PCS_ActionsIds" val="[ActionsIds]"/>