Here's a generic pseudo code process for running multiple OPSUI that point to different OODT deployments.

for contextfile in opsui1.xml opsui2.xml opsui3.xml .. opsuiN.xml; do
  1. Create $contextfile in $TOMCAT_HOME/conf/Catalina/localhost (make sure Tomcat is off)
by copying $OODT/pcs/opsui/src/main/webapp/META-INF/context.xml as a starter
  2. Change docBase in $contextfile to point to the path to pcs-opsui.war
  3. modify $contextfile with different params as needed
  4. restart Tomcat

Then you have http://host:port/opsui1/ http://host:port/opsui2/ http://host:port/opsui3/
all accessible and you didn't have to modify code.

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