The AOO 4.0.1 release is a micro release which is a maintenance release to fix critical issues and/or security fixes and potentially support further languages.

Proposed Release Schedule

08/05 - 09/06 bugfix and stabilization, no feature development
08/05 - 09/06 translation
08/26 - 09/13 bugfix verification and regression testing on related areas
09/14 - RC1
optional 09/16 - RC2
proposed 09/19 GA
09/25 - actual GA (vote tally on RC3)
10/01 - announcement

Detailed Release Planning

A more detailed release planning can be found under AOO 4.0.1 Task List

Release Notes

The related release notes can be found under AOO 4.0.1 Release Notes

Test and QA Plan

The related test and QA plan can be found under AOO 4.0.1 Testing Plan

Developer Snapshots

Regular built developer snapshots for early testing that can be found under Unofficial Developer Builds for Apache OpenOffice 4.0.1

Respin for additional Languages

We plan a respin to support some further languages, detailed information can be found under AOO 4.0.1 Respin for additional languages

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  1. I think RC2 should be at least 3 days out or more from RC1. I will review any pertinent discussion about this.