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  • AOO 4.1.1 Testing Plan
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Test coverage:

AOO 4.1.1 code change includes:

  1. Critical(showstopper) defect fix (see defect queries in section Proposed Release Content in AOO 4.1.1)
  2. New languages and/or translation improvement

Base on AOO 4.1.1 code changes above, we will perform following test:

  1. Defect verification
  2. Regression test to impacted area by defect fix
  3. General usage on basic functions
  4. RC build regression test 

Test platforms:

For both 32-bit/64-bit OS:

  1. Windows 7/8
  2. Windows 2012 Server
  3. RedHat Enterprise Linux 6
  4. Ubuntu Linux 12.04
  5. Mac OS X 10.9
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