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The Bugtracker located at needs to be moved to the apache infrastructure. We have a choice of either JIRA or Bugzilla.

The following requirements were expressed on the ooo-dev mailing list.

  • Preserve ids.
  • Be able to rewrite/redirect existing url links to bugs.

In order to do this, we'll need to do a practice transfer first. This should be followed by co-ordinating with the Kenai team so that we can migrate in a controlled way so that bugs are not orphaned in the Kenai infrastructure. This implies that there will be a number of days when an issue tracker is in read-only mode.

In addition in the OOo Bugzilla there is a special set of front pages to guide the user into the correct component settings for their bug. This is important as it saves time when reviewing issues.

Key data of the OOo Bugzilla

Contact at Oracle:

Andrew Rist

Number of issues:

about 120000



Database size:

~10 GB

New bugs/year:

about 10000



Migrations plan

  • Andrew will provide a complete database dump and look to receive the templates
  • Clarify the difference between a vanilla Bugzilla and the OOo Bugzilla
  • Clarify if the adaptions are really needed
  • Point out problem areas and search solutions.
  • Doing the Migration

Status (as of Sept. 7, 2011)

  • New Apache OpenOffice bug tracker is now available:
  • A request for altering the new bugtracker template has been made to more closely resemble the old one at has been made but no volunteers yet
  • The message now displaying at needs to be changed to the new Apache OpenOffice bugzilla
  • Userids were somewhat maintained by existing users would need to use their complete id of "name" as a userid with a password reset. This procedure is subject to change based on future analysis.