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The following are commercial products for Microsoft Windows which use SpamAssassin. See also tips for UsingOnWindows with the free version. Other versions: CommercialWindows, CommercialMacOSX, CommercialUnix, CommercialNetworkAppliances, CommercialISPs, CommercialMaybe


  • @Mail WebMail + Email-server - Commercial Web-Mail/Email-server for Windows , includes Spamassassin, Anti-Virus, Web-Mail, Groupware and Multi-language ability.
  • ActivSoftware Email Application Server - a gateway/server that supports load balancing spam assassin.
  • AltN Technologies Mdaemon Mail Server
  • Breath! Spam Filtering for POP3 Clients - a simple and cost-effective solution for removing spam from incoming mail
  • Catch! for Windows - Cheap, with unlimited domains and users, SMTP proxy for any Windows mailserver. Implements SpamAssassin, Virusscanning (f-prot or ClamAV) and several other heuristics to keep mailboxes clean. Settings can be configured at any level, global (all domains), individual domains and per user. Implements inheritence for settings.
  • CleanMail Server - Easy-to-use, extensible, multi-purpose SMTP/POP3 proxy providing a complete email security solution: a built-in attachment blocker, integrated SpamAssassin and ClamAV anti-virus. Works with every mail server software. Other features are: virtual hosts, mail flooding protection, and realtime monitoring, just to name a few.
  • CleanMail Home - Complete Email Security for any POP3 email client on Windows: built-in attachment blocker, integrated SpamAssassin and ClamAV anti-virus.
  • DomSpamC & DSCLearner - DomSpamC => Filter interface for Lotus Domino. DSCLearner => User-based bayesian learner interface for Lotus Notes.
  • eMail2Pop for AOL® and Gmail - eMail2Pop interfaces with America Online and Google Gmail accounts to provide POP3 and SMTP access to AOL mail and Gmail. Complete integration of SpamAssassin allows users to take advantage of spam filtering of AOL POP3 and Gmail POP3 mail with little configuration required.
  • ExchangeServerToolbox - is a plugin for Microsoft's Exchange Server 2003/2007/2010. SpamAssassin is used to identify spam mail. Many actions can by done on identified spam mail as the spam detection is realized as a condition in a powerful rules engine. Additionally the integrated ClamAV or any installed virus scanner can be used to identify mail messages that are infected by a virus or Trojan. ExchangeServerToolbox enables you to make a backup of all incoming and outgoing mail messages of your Exchange Servers SMTP.
  • IceWarp Mail Server - Can act as filtering SMTP proxy, with fully compatible configuration files, rule syntax and variables. Multi-threaded RegEx engine ensures low latency to traffic. Rules support UTF-8 for customization to language specific spam. Built-in rule statistics record hits to each rule to a log. X-Header reporting. (For Windows and Linux)
  • JESMS (Sun Java System Messaging Server) includes preintegrated "Spam- Assassin" <sic>, an "open source, antispam application". (For Solaris, HP-UX, Linux, and Windows)
  • Kerio Mailserver for Windows, Linux and Mac - SpamEliminator analyzes each email message against multiple criteria and gives it a numerical rating. If the message rating exceeds the threshold set by the user, the message is marked as spam and filtered according to the user's wishes.
  • Lyris MailShield - Anti-spam protection for servers, workgroups, and personal desktops.
  • Mailshell Domino Plugin - This free Domino plugin can create a spam folder in each user's Domino mailbox and move any incoming message that is marked with a specific mail header by anti-spam software like SpamAssassin, to that folder.
  • Mailshell Exchange Plugin - This free Exchange plugin can create a spam folder in each user's Exchange mailbox and move any incoming message that is marked with a specific mail header by anti-spam software like SpamAssassin, to that folder.
  • Mailtraq - Mailtraq is a comprehensive messaging server and Exchange alternative which includes integrated support for SpamAssassin along with many other anti-spam and anti-virus features.
  • McAfee® SpamKiller® for Mail Servers.
  • Mail Them Pro is a mailer which has built-in Spamassassin and allows to check email before mailing with Spamassassin to prevent email being considered as a spam
  • MxScan for MailEnable - AntiSpam and AntiVirus plugin for MailEnable Email servers
  • Pinjo revealer - Pinjo revealer is a SMTP proxy filter for mailservers. Easy configurable blacklists, complete SpamAssassin 3.0 implementation, mail distributing, anti-virus possibilities, mail forwarding to alternate addresses, statistics. Usable for all SMTP mailservers.
  • PYTHEAS MailGate - POP3 gateway for Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Domino. Interface for SpamAssassin and anti-virus scanner, rules based content checking, optional outgoing mail handling.
  • SmartPOP2Exchange - POP3 and IMAP connector for MS Exchange and any other SMTP server, supporting catch-all accounts and virus scanners
  • Spam Blocker SpamArrow for Outlook Express is an Outlook Express plugin spam filter software. It integrates with Outlook Express by adding toolbar buttons to Outlook Express to help fight spams.
  • Spam Blocker for Outlook SpamArrow for Outlook is an Outlook plugin spam filter software. It integrates with Outlook by adding toolbar buttons to Outlook to help stop spams.
  • Secure Mail Intelligence! SMI is a server side e-mail protection solution that combines firewall elements, intrusion detection system, anti-virus and anti-spam modules. SMI! can use up to 7 anti-virus scanners and 3 different spam filtering engines at the same time. Other features include: Routing & Queuing Module, Disclaimer & Messages Module, Updater Module, Policy Module, Mail Storage Module, Image Analysis Module, Cryptography Series and Mail Analysis. SMI! runs on Microsoft Windows 98/NT/2k/XP/2003 platforms (both Professional and Server releases), Linux (i586), OpenBSD, FreeBSD and Solaris 9 (x86 and SPARC).
  • SpamAssassin Caller for IMail (from Simple hook to IMail for calling SpamAssassin on the IMail server or on a remote (Windows or *nix) machine. $45.
  • SpamIntelligence for Outlook is an Outlook Plugin based on SpamAssassin 3.0 and Clam AntiVirus. Auto-updates, stops new mail notifications for spam and hides greyed-out items in IMAP accounts. Fully supports POP3, IMAP, Exchange, and Hotmail/MSN. Free for personal use.
  • SpamMover for Exchange 2000/2003: 'this application can create a folder named Spam in each Exchange 2000/2003 mailbox and move any ingoing message that is marked with specific mail header by anti-spam software like SpamAssassin, to that folder.'
  • Spamnix is a spam-blocking solution designed specifically for Qualcomm Eudora on Windows and MacOS X'.
  • Visnetic Mail Server

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