The following section illustrates the end-to-end process flow involved in deploying an application, and the actions that can be carried out after the application is deployed. 

How to deploy an application

Follow the instructions below to deploy an application:

Step 1 - Install Stratos with a preferred IaaS or with Kubernetes

  • To learn how to install Stratos on Mock IaaS, click here.
  • To learn how to install Stratos on Kubernetes, EC2, OpenStack and GCE, click here.

Step 2 - (Optional) Add a Kubernetes Cluster

This is only applicable if you are using Stratos with Kubernetes.

Step 3 - Add a network partition

Step 4 - Add a deployment policy

Step 5 - Add an auto-scaling policy

Step 6 - Add a cartridge

Step 7 - Add a cartridge group

Step 8 - Add an application policy

Step 9 - Add an application

Step 10 - Deploy the application

What's next?

After deploying an application, you can carryout the following actions:

Step 1 - (Optional) Sign up to the application

This is only applicable if the application is a multi-tenant application.

Step 2 - (Optional) Add domain mappings to the application

 The diagram illustrates the Application deployment workflow:      

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