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Tapestry is compatible with a pretty wide range of app servers, Java versions, and open source libraries. Not all combinations are known to work, however.

Note: blanks in the support matrix tables below do NOT indicate incompatibility. They are just documentation gaps.

If you know of any other known compatibilities or incompatibilities, please add a comment at the bottom of this page, or on the Tapestry Users mailing list mailing list.

Java & Servlet API Versions

Tapestry Version → -
Java JRE1.811.7, 1.811.6 - 1.81,21.6, 1.71.5, 1.61.5, 1.61.5, 1.61.5, 1.61.5, 1.61.4-1.6
Servlet API3.0+2.5+2.5+2.5+2.4+32.4+32.4+32.4+32.4+32.2-2.3

2 For using Tapestry 5.3.8 with Java 1.8 see Release Notes 5.3.8

3 Servlet API 2.5 requires JDK 1.5+

App Servers

Tapestry Version → -
Apache Tomcat6+  6+      
Jetty 9 7-9 6-9 6-86-86-86-86-86-86-7
Glassfish     2.1    
Apache TomEE          
JBoss EAP 4.2.3      4+ 
Wildfly/JBoss AS          
Google App Engine     +    
Amazon AWS          


These are the library versions known to work (and, in some cases, bundled with Tapestry). Unless otherwise noted, adjacent versions will often work fine as well.

Tapestry Version → -
Hibernate5.1.0.Final ?-4.3.6     3.5.4-3.6.0-3.6.0 3.3.0+    
Spring      3.1.0         
jQuery.js 1.12.1              
Prototype.js  1.7.1 
Scriptaculous   1.8.0 
Bootstrap CSS             
Moment.js 2.12.0              
Less4J  1.2.1-1.9             

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