This is the instructions for running your WIAB as well as your own gadget server (Shindig). These instructions uses the Apache Tomcat version of Shindig.

Currently gadgets does not work on Firefox 3.x

  1. Download Shindig distribution from - make sure do download the war file and not jars.

  2. Extract the war and edit the file WEB-INF/classes/containers/default/container.js - add "wave" to "gadgets.container" property. "gadgets.container" : "default", "accel", "wave",
  3. The easiest way to run shindig is by using jetty-runner. 




  4. Run the Shindig application war with: 

    java -jar jetty-runner-8.1.9.v20130131.jar shindig-server-2.5.2

    Please note that you can specify either folder of extracted war or the war file itself. The gadget server will start on localhost:8080

  1. Get WIAB
    1. Edit server.config and add the following:

      gadget_server_hostname=<the server host name of shindig>
  1. Start WIAB
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