The official Apache Wave repository can be browsed here: . Its structure is as follows:

Wave In A Box code:

  • /trunk: Holds the most up-to-date code.
  • /branches/wave-<version>-release: Public Apache releases. E.g. wave-0.4-release
  • /branches/<author>-<branch name>: Development branches. E.g. stenyak-email_bot or alown-federation_fixes
  • /tags/wave-<version>: E.g. wave-0.4-rc2

Experiments code:

  • /experiments/<experiment name>: projects independent from Wave In A Box but related to wave concept. E.g. p2p


  • /site/: contents of the Apache Wave website
  • /whitepapers/: additional documentation about Wave in general (protocols, etc).
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