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Links to Youtube videos and slides.

Day 1:
WIAB system architecture (Alex North)
Robot and Data APIs (Lennard de Rijk)
Building, and running the code (Joseph Gentle)
Talk: Setting up wave in a box
Wave model deep dive (Alex North)
Development practises (Lennard de Rijk)
Wave Project Governance

Day 2:

Wave Server & Store
Wave Export Options
Demo: Novell demo (Tad Glines)
Client authentication (Joseph Gentle)
Local Gov't & Wave (James Purser)
Oracle (Grant Emeny-Smith)
Outlook (Matt T)
Federation protocol (Soren Lassen)
Authentication performance (Scott Crosby)
Wave panel and rendering (Dave Hearnden)

Day 3:

Concurrent Data & OT Alternatives
Client/server protocol (Alex North)
Real-time editor & Doodads (Dave Hearnden)
Wave API Future (Pamela Fox)
Day 5:

Wave UI Talk (Scott Peterson)