This file allows users and administrators to export and backup waves.



General Usage Instructions

The script takes a number of options. It also wants at least two arguments: The url of the server (including http:// or https://) and the directory to store the exported waves to. All options must follow after these arguments.

If you just run the script with these two arguments, it will show you a URL to paste into the browser. You will then be asked to allow or deny permission. If you allow it, you’ll see a long string. Paste this into the command line to let the script proceed. Now it will export all your waves, including their attachments.

You can limit the number of waves to be exported. One way of doing so is with the search parameter. It will take the same searches that work in the webgui too. (for example in:inbox).

Another way to filter the output would certainly be to use the include and exclude options.

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