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These guides are deprecated and were moved to

DEPRECATED: Core Developers Guide moved to

Struts 2 processes requests using three core types: interceptors, actions, and results. Each may be configured via XML or annotations.

DEPRECATED: Struts 2 Maven Archetypes moved to

Struts 2 Maven Archetypes

DEPRECATED:Tag Developers Guide moved to

The framework offers a flexible view layer that supports multiple view technologies, including JSP, FreeMaker, and Velocity.

DEPRECATED: Plugin Developers Guide moved to

Apache Struts 2 provides a simple plugin architecture so that developers can extend the framework just by adding a JAR to the application's classpath. Since plugins are contained in a JAR, they are easy to share with others. Several plugins are bundled with the framework, and others are available from third-party sources.

Bundled Plugins

(tick) For a complete list of bundled and third-party plugins, visit the Plugin Registry..

DEPRECATED: Architects Guide moved to

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