This tutorial walks through installing the framework and creating a simple application.

While the Struts 2 framework is simple to use, creating non-trivial applications assumes a working knowledge of many J2EE technologies, including:

  • Java
  • Filters, JSP, and Tag Libraries
  • JavaBeans
  • HTML and HTTP
  • Web Containers (such as Tomcat)
  • XML

(lightbulb) For more about supporting technologies, see the Key Technologies Primer.

Java Requirements

Struts 2 requires Servlet API 2.4 or higher, JSP 2.0 or higher, and Java 7 or higher.

Our First Application

To get started using Struts 2 we will create a web application using Maven to manage the artifact dependencies.

You can checkout all the example applications from the Struts 2 GitHub repository at

Create Struts 2 Web Application Using Maven To Manage Artifacts and To Build The Application

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