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titleAbout the Struts 2 Wiki Space

The Struts 2 Wiki is a community-supported resource. To contribute to the wiki space, simply create a CWIKI Confluence account.

The S2 Wiki space is not bundled with the Struts 2 distribution, but it is still an exciting and valuable community resource!


Visit the Struts 2 Documentation space for the official project documentation!

Some of the pages here include:


Projects Using WebWork or Struts2

A few of our closest friends ...

Articles and Press

Media coverage of Struts 2 and WebWork2

Developer Stories

Real world usages, How are you using struts 2?

Companies that provide Struts 2 Support

An unofficial list of some likely suspects

Related Projects

Related non-plugin projects like IDE plugins

The Vault

Unvarnished tidbits from the leading edge

Troubleshooting guide migrating from Struts 2.0.x to 2.1.x

Problem/solutions migrating to Struts 2.1.x


Proposals for future Struts features

Struts 中文文档

Some Chinese document for St

Struts 2 官方文档中文版

从官方文档翻译而来  translate from Struts 2 Documentation

Old documentation pages moved from Home