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FlexJS comes with DataGrid, Panel, Slider, and many other controls as well a Group and Container to help organize and present them. The major difference is that the components only provide basic features and you use beads to add more functionality.

Here are links to popular IDEs and how to use them Apache FlexJS. You can also find these links in the Getting Started With FlexJS document.

Using FlexJS with Adobe Flash Builder
Using FlexJS with IntelliJ IDEA
Using FlexJS with FDT 

How it Works

FlexJS application development (as opposed to framework component development) is based on the concept of parallel frameworks. The framework components are written in ActionScript with conditional compilation for SWF-specific or JS-specific code.  An ActionScript and MXML compiler code-named "FalconJX" translates MXML and AS to JS and links in JS "classes" instead of AS classes to create the JS output.