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Apache XML Security for Java 1.4.4 release notes

  • Concurrency problem on incomplete Init.init() calls. See Issue 50248.
  • test_jsr105 target appears to fail certain tests because of changes to W3C xml-stylesheet spec. See Issue 50125.
  • JSR 105 TransformService classloading issue. See Issue 50122.
  • String comparisons using '==' causes validation errors with some parsers.See Issue [40897.
  • UnsyncByteArrayOutputStream throws ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException if array length > internal buffer expansion size. See Issue 50050.
  • IdResolver Java API extension. See Issue 50036.
  • Cannot resolve PrivateKeys used in Key Transport algorithms. See Issue 49493.
  • DOMSubTreeData allows for only one iteration over referenced data. See Issue 49577.
  • Xmlsec 1.4.3 not compatible with xmlbeans 2.4.0. See Issue 49692.
  • Some changes to the build system. See Issue 49629.
  • KeyResolver.registerAtStart() leads to ClassCastException. See Issue 49483.
  • StorageResolver always exhausted after first use. See Issue 49458.
  • gives ClassCastException. See Issue 49456.
  • KeyStoreResolver always exhausted after first use. See Issue 49450.
  • KeyStoreResolver iterator returns null for symmetric keys. See Issue 49447.
  • Digest Value of References inside Manifest - calculation order problem. See Issue 48368.
  • ConcurrentModificationException in XMLUtils.See Issue 47779.
  • xmlns:xml namespace improperly emitted during excl c14n. See Issue 47761.
  • Out of memory error when signing or verifying big files. See Issue 36526.
  • ClassNotFoundException when init the xml security in OSGi plateform. See Issue 47784.
  • contextChild parameter of Transform.getInstance may be null. See Issue 47762.
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