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Apache Santuario

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Apache XML Security for Java 2.0.0 release notes


  • [SANTUARIO-330] - Problem processing #default PrefixList for streaming signature verification
  • [SANTUARIO-331] - Verify PhaosTest#test_signature_rsa_detached_b64_transform and others
  • [SANTUARIO-336] - Multiple race conditions in the ResolverDirectHttp implementation
  • [SANTUARIO-337] - ResourceResolver does thread-unsafe handling of the "secureValidation" flag
  • [SANTUARIO-347] - StAX - Review / Refactor XMLSecurityInputProcessor class
  • [SANTUARIO-351] - Avoid possible NPE in Unsync OutputStreams
  • [SANTUARIO-356] - Expand OSGi import versions for javax.xml.crypto*
  • [SANTUARIO-365] - JAXB Context from ObjectFactory....
  • [SANTUARIO-369] - XMLSecurityStreamWriter setPrefix() and setDefaultNamespace() outputs namespaces
  • [SANTUARIO-371] - Junit test fails on 2.0 branch
  • [SANTUARIO-372] - SignatureCreationReferenceURIResolverTest fails on Windows system
  • [SANTUARIO-373] - SignatureVerificationReferenceURIResolverTest fails on Windows system
  • [SANTUARIO-383] - NPE in DOMXMLSignature

New Feature


  • [SANTUARIO-317] - Streaming signature reference does not support no Transforms element
  • [SANTUARIO-318] - Support Base64 streaming Transform
  • [SANTUARIO-319] - Support streaming XML Signature references to http resources
  • [SANTUARIO-320] - Support streaming enveloped signatures
  • [SANTUARIO-321] - Support streaming XML Signature XPointer references
  • [SANTUARIO-322] - Support streaming XML Signature references to local resources
  • [SANTUARIO-324] - Append Signature element just after the root Element for the streaming case
  • [SANTUARIO-325] - Streaming Signature Transformation and Digest Algorithms should be configurable per Reference
  • [SANTUARIO-326] - Associated SignedElement SecurityEvents with the corresponding digest/c14n SecurityEvents
  • [SANTUARIO-327] - Add a secure validation switch for streaming signature processing
  • [SANTUARIO-328] - Streaming Signature Validation RSA test-case not working
  • [SANTUARIO-329] - Streaming XML Encryption support
  • [SANTUARIO-332] - Streaming xml security exceptions
  • [SANTUARIO-338] - Implement XML Encryption 1.1 testcases using streaming code
  • [SANTUARIO-339] - Make it easier to see the signing/decrypting key for the streaming case
  • [SANTUARIO-349] - Update JCP dsig code to simplify serialization
  • [SANTUARIO-352] - Protected data in ElementProxy leaks implementation details into many subclasses
  • [SANTUARIO-354] - Switch to use SLF4J for logging
  • [SANTUARIO-358] - OSGi issue with javax.xml.crypto API packages included in Santuario xmlsec.jar
  • [SANTUARIO-366] - Optimize pom
  • [SANTUARIO-377] - Proposed implementation change for ResourceResolverSpi


  • [SANTUARIO-346] - Create Memory + Performance tests for the stax code
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