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Placing Customer Places a Sales Order (Through EBay)

Ideas to Incorporate


eBay Marketer selects products to add to eBay Store and automatically sends them to eBay. eBay Marketer allocates inventory to warehouse for eBay auctions in OFBiz. eBay Marketer creates eBay Auctions from listings in the eBay Store.

Placing Customer places an order through eBay Store, or places the highest bid in an eBay Auction.

eBay Marketer imports eBay orders (auctions and store orders) in OFBiz to get paid orders by specifying begin/end time, views orders placed in that time, and then selects orders to import. eBay Marketer reviews imported orders and manually approves them, mainly making sure orders in OFBiz match the orders in eBay. If Placing Customer orders multiple items they will come in as separate orders and eBay Marketer will combine the orders into a single order.

For credit card payment the order is placed on eBay and Placing Customer calls eBay Marketer and gives CC#. eBay Marketer either enters entire order including payment information manually in OFBiz, or finds the order already imported from eBay and adds payment information to the order, and then authorizes the payment.

If Customer sends money via PayPal and skips ordering on eBay, eBay Marketer manually creates an order in OFBiz. When order is complete in OFBiz eBay Marketer marks as shipped in PayPal.

Once items are shipped Company automatically sends message to eBay and sends standard ship notification email.

On returns order is returned as normal, and then eBay Marketer manually marks order as returned in eBay and if application refunds payment in PayPal, and if PayPal was not used manually refunds credit card or other payment.

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