This is an attempt to restructure the Cocoon Documentation.

This Table of Contents is geared towards Cocoon 2.1.5 and more recent versions. This means that "deprecated" stuff will not be included, and new features of Cocoon 2.1.5 will be addressed.

Note that it doesn't mean that information found is not applicable to previous versions.

We'll try to add links to existing pages and add missing pages. Finally all pages should be undergoing review and outdated pages will be updated or rewritten. Ultimately this will be the starting point for the revised "official" documentation on the site.

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Note that a more extreme and perhaps controversial ExtremeDocumentationOverhaul is also being proposed.


Background information

Installation of Cocoon

Download Cocoon distribution

  • Always go via the LatestRelease page for download locations, mirrors, keys and notes.
  • There are Detailed installation instructions in the documentation but if you just want to experiment the instructions in exploring the samples will get you there quicker.
  • Why no binaries? ... Answer: blocks! ... and Answer: ensures that you have reliable operating environment and Answer: allows you to easily configure which parts you want ... See other notes at the bottom of the distribution mirror page
  • SVN Access

Building Cocoon / Setting up your own Cocoon project

Running Cocoon / your project

Cocoon Tracks (reading guides into various topics)

Cocoon Technologies


[This whole section should be removed - it relates to as yet unwritten code - UV]

Best practices

Customizing Cocoon

Miscellaneous stuff

Should really be categorized somehow

Debugging Cocoon

Optimizing Cocoon Performance

Developing Your Own Components


Reference of existing components, blocks, etc

Other References

(Please only use URLs for and

Projects based on Cocoon

JavaDoc API


Is it possible to get color coding on the site to distinguish "core" material from optional and/or deprecated material --DerekH

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