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Adding a New Component

This is not an all-encompassing list. Please add to the list as appropriate

  • Consider whether you should start a [DISCUSS] thread on dev@ctakes
  • Create JIRA ticket for new component, such as "Add XYZ component which does ABC"
  • If there are new resources that should go in a separate project, create a ctakes-YOUR-NEW-COMPONENT-res project
  • Update your local copy of the (main project) pom.xml for ctakes
  • Create new page under the Component Use Guide page on the Wiki
  • Add the component to list of components in JIRA
  • Create regression test for the new component; see the following
  • When you are ready to share the component with others:
    • Check in your changes to the (main project) pom.xml for ctakes
    • Update the assembly/bin.xml and assembly/src.xml files within ctakes-distribution
  • Update the dependency diagram on the Component Use Guide page (for the upcoming release) on the Wiki
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