Piper Files contain cTAKES pipelines in a simple flat file format.  They can be run via command line using the bin/runPiperFile script.  If you are running from a development environment (checked out trunk from SVN) they can also be run using the Piper File Submitter GUI.  The GUI allows the user to enter and save command line parameters, making any future re-run of a piper file quick and easy.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Open the Piper File Submitter GUI  ... execute bin/runPiperSubmitter
  2. Load a Piper File using the Open Piper File button.
  3. Enter command line parameter values in the table on the left.
  4. Alternatively, use the Open Piper CLI button to load a previously saved Piper File Command Line Interface (.piper_cli) value file.
  5. Save your parameter values with the Save CLI Values button.
  6. Click Run Piper File to run the pipeline with the current parameter values.


In the parameter value table on the left, the rightmost column contains a button that can open a file chooser for convenience.