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Story of Online Retail Company

Someone decides to sell a product. Product Marketer Maintains Product Information. Buyer Places Purchase Order. Marketer Maintains General Site Content.

When new inventory is needed Buyer Places Purchase Order. When shipments arrive Shipment Receiver Receives Shipment, then Inventory Mover Puts Away Inventory.

Customer Finds Product. Placing Customer Adds Product to Cart and Placing Customer Places a Sales Order (Online Checkout). Alternatively Placing Customer Places a Sales Order (Through CSR) or Placing Customer Places a Sales Order (Through EBay).

If desired during checkout or for other reasons, Customer Creates and Edits Account (Profile). As desired Customer Reviews Order History and Status. If Customer decides to, Customer Cancels Order.

Once order is ready Company Approves Sales Order.

When inventory is not sufficient in a pick location Inventory Mover does Stock Move. Company Fulfills Sales Order. Accountant Sends Invoice and Receives Payment. Sometimes special cases come up, like Carrier Does Not Deliver Shipment to Customer and Carrier Returns Undeliverable Shipment to Company.

Customer Returns Product. Company Processes Return Received.

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