Task to be CompletedJIRA Issue for TaskAssigned developerCompleted
Publish SVG Logo of Apache Wave on Website under resources Evan Hughes-
Update Incubator Logo Evan Hughes-
Remove hardcoded dependencies in repo (License issues) Pablo Ojanguren(tick)
Vote: to keep android repo Evan Hughes(tick)
Updated binary release Yuri Zelikov-
Clean Repository (Folder organisation, renaming of folders) Evan Hughes-
Vote: to move docs into the singluar repo  -
Docker file for deployment Yuri Zelikov-
Update wiki with the current contributers Michael MacFadden & Mailing list-
Well document and simplify the release procedure ( Golang program called "helper" ) Evan Hughes, Yuri Zelikov, Pablo Ojanguren-
Clean Branches of repo and decide on a branch scheme  -
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