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Apache Review

Propose New Design

Implement Login

Implement Layout Design

Separate Client from Server

Docker Integration

Vagrant Integration

Multiple DB Backends

Update Design

Expand Developer Setup

Update Building

User Guides


Implement New Design

Organise Confluence





Specific Road maps:

  • Client Road map
    • Separate Client from server 
  • Server Road map
    • Move to gradle build system
  • Documentation Road map
    1. Migrate Whitepapers/Protocol specifications to the docs repo. (Can all be found here in the svn repo
    2. Migrate the developer "contribution" section from the wiki to the docs repo
    3. Migrate the "install/faq" section from the wiki
    4. Migrate API
    5. Style Documentation
    6. Write a user guide (for new users/admins)
      1. Robots
      2. Gadgets
      3. Toolbar buttons
      4. Philosophy - when to make waves/etc. Almost a communication style guide?
    7. Tutorials
      1. Robots
      2. Gadgets
    8. Expand Developer Setup Section
      1. eclipse
      2. intellij
      3. vagrant (test setup)
    9. Refacter all documents to refer to Apache Wave instead of Wiab/Google wave/Fedone
  • Misc Road map
    • Propose Website Design
    • Implement Website Design
    • Organise Confluence Information (mostly in-house documentation/guidelines/general organisation stuff)



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