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Overview of Coreference Annotators

There are two coreference annotators to choose from within cTAKES.

If you aren't sure which one to choose, use


MentionClusterCoreferenceAnnotator aka Coreference using Clusters

MentionClusterCoreferenceAnnotator is new for 4.0. It uses the org/apache/ctakes/coreference/models/mention-cluster/model.jar model in the coreference-res project.

See CoreferenceAnnotatorFactory.getMentionClusterResolverDescription()

MentionClusterCoreferenceAnnotator has a convenience method for adding it to UimaFit pipelines. The method takes a model path argument.

Refer to

Legacy Coreference Resolution

There are four annotators that together create coreference annotations.

  • MipacqMarkableCreator
  • MipacqMarkableExpander
  • MipacqMarkablePairGenerator
  • MipacqSvmChainCreator

See CoreferenceAnnotatorFactory.getLegacyCoreferencePipeline()

Refer to for discussion of the legacy annotators


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