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This wiki provides additional documentation for HttpClient and HttpComponents. Formal documentation is available from the HttpComponents website. Users are encouraged to contribute information to this wiki that may be useful to others.

To avoid spammers, only registered users can update the Wiki. Create a wiki login, and then send a brief request to the dev@ list asking to be added to the Contributors Group including your wiki username. No mailing list subscription required.

The HttpComponents wiki is a part of the big Apache Wiki Farm. If you're new to wikis, you might want to read HelpForBeginners to get an idea of how they work and how you can contribute.

User Information

User information is meant for people using our components or Commons HttpClient 3.1, or for people considering to use them. For starters, we have a list of HttpClientPowered applications that use HttpClient. Then there is documentation and several FAQs in this list:

  1. QuickStart
  2. Guided Tour of HttpCore - Overview documentation for HttpComponents Core
  3. Application Design FAQ
  4. Connection Management FAQ - What is TIME_WAIT etc
  5. Lessons Learned from 100+ websites - Common website practices

We also keep a user documentation index on our website. It points to JavaDocs and example code not linked from this wiki.

If interested in I/O performance these benchmark results may be of interest: Blocking I/O vs NIO

If you are considering the old codebase versus the new components, the benchmark results could be of use.

If you are stuck with a very old JVM and have to use HTTPS, you need a JSSE Implementation.

Developer Information

Developer information is meant for people working on our project codebase, including the Java source code as well as the sources for generating our website.

The first set of links describes technical procedures:

  1. WebSite - How to update and deploy the HttpComponents website
  2. IssueTracking - How to get access to issue tracking on JIRA
  3. HttpComponents release process - How to cut and publish a release of HttpComponents project
  4. HttpComponents roadmap - (un)official development roadmap

Then we have some non-procedural information for reference:

1.#4 JavaDocGuidelines - API JavaDoc guidelines for HttpComponents

  1. ReferenceMaterials - Links to relevant standards
  2. CodingConventions - Code formatting and coding standards that contributing developers should adhere to

PMC Information

  1. Board Reports
  2. Board Resolutions
  3. Draft of the next Board Report
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