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Apache OFBiz Social Media Guidelines

The Apache OFBiz project is now using Social Media (currently Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn) but these guidelines are applicable for any other future social media used by the project. This page outlines the main guidelines.

Goal of Social Media

The goal of social media is the spread news about OFBiz or promote the project.

The project would like to use social media to build awareness of OFBiz and communicate to the community as well as any potential new adopters.

Access to Social Media Accounts


The project Twitter account (@ApacheOfbiz) is controlled by the OFBiz PMC. At the time of writing all existing PMC members have been given access to the account either directly or via Tweetdeck. Any future PMC members will need to be informed of how they can access this account.

How to Get access to the @Apache Ofbiz Twitter Account

  • If you want to get access to the Twitter account, please email You must be a PMC member to be granted access. Then follow the "Joining a team account" at Using a team account on Tweetdeck, don't forget the point 3 once on TweetDeck
  • If you only want to post one or two things or notify us of an event to tweet, then you can send the link or details to the @ApacheOfbiz account with a request to tweet it.

As well as the general Social Media Do's and Don'ts guidelines below, we have an additional page that gives more details on acceptable Twitter content and use.

Apache OFBiz Blog

The OFBiz project blog is controlled by the PMC with input from community contributors.

The project blog has 3 levels of access

  • Administrator: Can create and publish blog entries; can manage weblog; can manage access to weblog users  
  • Author: Can create and publish blog entries
  • Limited: Can create blog entries for review but cannot publish


IMPORTANT NOTE: An Apache constraint is that only committers with an email address are allowed access to a weblog.


If you would like access to or help contribute to the project blog to prepare announcements or news then please post message on the user mailing list

Proposed Blog Content

  • Monthly Project Update (Currently contributed by Michael Brohl)
  • Releases
  • Project Announcements

Special Note for blog contributors. When creating a new blog entry the URL is generated automatically from the words used in the title. Any numbers that are surrounded by spaces are ignored. To generate a URL for blog content that includes the month and year for the entry please use something similar to the following format for the month and year.

OFBiz Update June2015

This should generate a URL similar to


Do's and Dont's for Social Media

Before posting anything, you will need to be familiar with the ASF Media and Analyst Relations and also ASF Brand Management. These pages highlight the Foundation's guidelines for media and press release information as well as guidelines on the use of trademarks for Apache and the project.

Whether you are posting from a personal account about Apache OFBiz or posting from one of the official project accounts, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Anything that you say in public is can be picked up and used by the press
    • Never post anything via social media that you wouldn't want to see reported on a news website.
  • Make sure that what you are saying or sharing is appropriate for all audiences and reflects well on Apache OFBiz
    • Be polite when you are talking about OFBiz or responding to questions
    • Being informal is acceptable but unprofessionalism is not
    • Do not use bad, offensive or inappropriate language, images or scenariois when using the official Apache OFBiz accounts
    • Avoid associating Apache OFBiz with anything that could be considered offensive
  • Share relevant, positive information
    • Feel free to share stories about OFBiz whether they come from the OFBiz community, technical press or from other sources
    • Avoid sharing negative stories about competing project
    • Keep posts relevant.
    • Share event information as long as it is OFBiz related. (e.g.promoting an event where there are talks about OFBiz if perfect. Promoting an event because only because a vendor that has an interest in OFBiz is participating would be outside the scope of OFBiz social media accounts)
  • Be sure information is public
    • Companies sometimes discuss plans or ideas informally at events so it is often a good idea to ask before sharing information on social media if it might be considered non-public. (e.g. Information presented during a talk should be fine but information shared informally over dinner or a drink may not be)
  • Apache OFBiz does not have sponsors, events and activities have sponsors
    • Avoid language like "company XYZ is sponsoring the Apache OFBiz project"
    • Companies can sponsor events and activities. (e.g. Company XYZ is hosting an OFBiz meetup in London next month)
  • Don't use Apache OFBiz social media accounts to promote unrelated commercial activities

If in doubt, ask

  • If you are unclear on whether a post or item is acceptable, then ask on the OFBiz mailing lists.
  • We will always be happy to discuss and guide other contributors on what is and isn't appropriate for our social media activities.



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