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Struts Action Framework 2 is a web-based MVC framework that emphasizes simplicity and interoperability. SAF 2 is

The online documentation is grouped into five sections.


The framework is designed to minimize coding so that developers can spend less time fussing with HTTP and HTML plumbing


The online documentation is grouped into five sections.

(leaving more time to work on the interesting parts of an application).


Several tutorials are available to help you get started with the framework, from all-purpose "soup to nuts" tutorials to specialty tutorials on portlets and database access.

Third Party Extensions

Third party extensions and other tools help integrate the framework into your development environment.

View Developers Guide

The framework offers a flexible view layer that supports multiple view technologies, including JSP, FreeMaker, and Velocity.

Core Developers Guide

In processing a request, the framework utilizes three key class types: Actions, Interceptors, and Results, which are configured using one or more XML documents (or Java 5 annotations).


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